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Rather than advertising and publicizing your products and services directly on social media and group chats with your personal account: which isn't bad but also not very professional, you can publish your works on our store for free and we'll let the whole world get to see them. For instance, Chidimma is a fashion designer or she sells ladies wear. She can post them on our store, with the price, snapshots and other description. Then people can get to see it and buy/order for them. She can also decide to share or invite her friends on the social media to the product page using a link. Maybe you don't sell but you render services or have a special skill, you can publish them too on the store, all for free. HopefulMe Store is also sub set of Hopeful Me and maintains it's aims, objectives, terms and privacy policies.

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Advertise your prodcuts and services for free
Hopeful Me Store is a platform where you can buy and sell virtually anything and you can also advertise your products and services for free!
Instead of advertising directly on social media, you can publish your product/services and then share the link with friends and invite people to order for your them. When someone places an order, a receipt with a purchase ID will be generated and you'll receive a mail and notification on the App regarding the order. After then, you can now use the order details to complete the transaction and know when and where to deliver the ordered items.
In our store, we'll let the whole world get to see what you have to offer, all for free! Be part of this course to promote your business and get more audience to your services.
Sign up www.ahopefulme.com/store Or Download App from Play Store if you haven't.

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