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Lady With Purpose is a forum connecting millions of women from all over the world with the goal of promoting virtue. This forum was founded in April, 2020 and is being powered by Hopeful Me (A Leading Inspirational Social Network). On this Platform, we organize webinars, publish seasonal Journals, we have a lovely Blog and we also have meet-ups. Some of our activities are carried out on Hopeful Me, our WhatsApp Group chats, telegram and other social media platforms. Don't forget to invite a friends. Once again, Welcome to the Lioness hub!!

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We'll be publishing our first LadyWithPurpose e-Journal this April. We are gathering articles from members on this platform and we want you to be a part of it. Submit your article here

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LionessHub Journal

This journal is a tool that can change the lives of millions of women out there. Send your articles across to www.ladywithpurpose...

About The LionessHub

There will be a 3day exposition on Lady With Purpose Forum (aka The Lioness Hub). You'll have the opportunity to be part of this v...

Amazing woman

You are Amazing.. An excerpt from the LionessHub #LadyWithPurpose ...

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Errr... okay now I want to write a small something... it's like a little tiny advice... I pray we find it useful and make use of i...

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

As a Lady With Purpose is important you take very good care of your health especially fertility related. The frustration of trying...

You have Unique Gifts

Everyone has been given unique gifts and incredible potentials by God for a purpose in order to either make a difference, impact i...

Lady With Purpose
You have Unique Gifts